blowing off steam


dear t,

i will only admit this once, and i will only admit this here, where you and the other people involved will never see it.

i am terribly attracted to you. when i’m around you the chemistry between us seems almost tangible. i would have liked nothing more than to lock myself in that beautiful huge bathroom with you and test out the two-headed shower/steam room last night…

BUT. this cannot happen, and it will go no further than this silent scream into cyberspace. i am seeing someone, someone who is so good to me that causing him any pain would fucking kill me. and you. you are the still-very-emotionally-involved ex of someone i respect and care about–someone who also deserves nothing but the best treatment from both me and you.

so there it is, written in plain english for all the world to see, in a place where absolutely no one relevant will find it.



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