no need to count sheep


Dear you,
I couldn’t sleep last night. I just kept tossing and turning and thinking… trying to get comfortable and hoping rest would come soon. But it didn’t. Too much shit on my mind.
I remember so many nights spent this way, when I was thinking about you, and everything that was wrong. I’d feel so lost and alone…
But last night was different. Despite frustration and exhaustion, there was a sense of peace that came over me.
I was laying there, looking up at the stars, and… I realized, falling apart doesn’t feel so “apart” when the reason isn’t you. I have your love now, and… even the shittiest situations don’t seem so bad anymore.
I wished so badly that you could be there with me. I was feeling lonely, but it was the first night of sleeplessness that I didn’t feel alone. And as I lay there, thinking about everything… I knew I was gonna be OK.
I think, as long as you’re in my life… maybe the shit won’t feel so hard to take.


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