got a curse i cannot lift

dear the idiot females sitting next to me at the last concert i went to,

i understand that you guys were there on some sort of double date, as evident by the hand holding and giggling, but for fuck sake why must you talk through the entire fucking show?! Why were you there in the first place if you weren’t at all interested in hearing them? So that when your date asked you for a blow job that night he can point to the fact that he took you to see a band he liked? Your dates were obviously more interested in the show as indicated by them sitting in the row in front of you and listening to the music attentively.

In addition, when I finally turned to you and said, “hey, i really love this band and i’m having trouble hearing them,” giggling and responding with, “well you really should have said something. we didn’t know that you were trying to listen,” is unacceptable. i could almost understand, “we didn’t know you couldn’t hear,” but the former is just asinine.

in the future, please shut the fuck up.


the girl sitting next to you


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