fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you.

congratulations, mom. you are still the only person who can make me feel like i’m absolutely fucking worthless.

should i have pressed the hospital harder, probably. should they have billed the right fucking address, certainly.

don’t you think that my credit score being fucked is enough punishment? is it absolutely necessary for you to tear my to fucking shreds on top of that?

i’ve never once been in credit card debt. i’ve never missed one fucking payment. but you make me feel like i just charged $900 at old navy that i can’t pay off. that’s not what happened. when the guy from the hospital called, i should have made more of an effort to get in touch with him. but, since he didn’t say what he wanted and he didn’t say this was about $900 fucking dollars, i let it go. i shouldn’t have and i know that.

i can’t believe that you can still make me feel so fucking bad about myself.


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